Behind the Scenes: Musical Theatre Training (Day Two)

22 Jun 2015, by Auslan Stage Left in Articles

This weekend Auslan Stage Left took over the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne for their Musical Theatre Training. This was an intensive two day course for those who have already completed our Foundations of Theatre Interpreting course. The focus of this Musical Theatre Training was, as the name implies, to look more closely at the skills required for interpreting musicals, with a focus on interpreting songs.  To see what we got up to on day one of our Musical Theatre Training workshop, click here to read our Day One blog!


The second day of our workshops consisted largely of our interpreters and deaf consultants working together to develop their translations of their song snippets from various musicals.  The songs were selected from three musicals that have been Auslan interpreted in Australia in the past — Mama Mia, The Sound of Music and The Lion King.  However, the interpreters and deaf consultants devised entirely new translations and, as the day drew to a close, we were lucky enough to sit back and watch the performances.



Megan and Susan interpreting ‘Mama Mia’ from Mama Mia.


Julie and Gerry interpreting ‘Climb Every Mountain’ from The Sound of Music.


Marc and Linda interpreting ‘SOS’ from Mama Mia.


Rosemary and Mike interpreting ‘Sixteen Going On Seventeen’ from The Sound of Music.


Christy and Karen interpreting ‘Super Trouper’ from Mama Mia.


Ben interpreting ‘So Long, Farewell’ from The Sound of Music.


Michelle and Chevoy interpreting ‘My Favourite Things’ from The Sound of Music.


After the performance, the interpreters had a chance to firstly receive feedback from their deaf consultants on what had worked and what perhaps needed improving. Then it was time to the consultants and interpreters to reconvene with facilitators Alex Jones (who met with the consultants) and Della Goswell (who met with the interpreters) for a final session, giving feedback about both their performances and how the weekend had impacted them and their approaches to musical theatre interpreting.


It was a fantastic conclusion to such a rich and illuminating weekend that was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. Thank you to all the participants, interpreters and consultants alike, for being so enthusiastic and making the workshop so valuable.  Auslan Stage Left would also like to thank presenters Alex Jones and Della Goswell for their fantastic work, Macquarie University for their assistance and also an enormous thank you to the Malthouse Theatre for being our venue for the workshop, the staff were hugely accommodating.


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