Our Theatre Scrapbook: June 2015

01 Jul 2015, by Auslan Stage Left in Our Theatre Scrapbook

2015 is flying by, and it was helped by a huge month of shows! Have a look through what we were up to this June!

Tuesday June 2nd

Mama Alto: Countertenor Diva

Hares and Hyenas, Melbourne.

Interpreter: Marc Ethan


Read our interview with Mama Alto on cabaret and access by clicking here.


Sunday June 6th

Chalk About

Arts Centre, Melbourne.

Interpreter: Anna Vost


 Monday June 8th

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama: Wisdom of Forgiveness

Katoomba, New South Wales.

Interpreters: Rebecca Cramp and Natalie Kull



Here are some thoughts on the event from interpreter Natalie Kull:

It is hard to sum up a momentous and life-changing job in one paragraph, but I’ll give it a go. On Monday, 8 June 2015 I interpreted for His Holiness, the Dalai Lama in my beloved Blue Mountains. This was not a planned event; I was the very fortunate last-minute replacement for the interpreter who had been booked on this job but could not attend due to illness. So, with only a few hours to spare, I travelled to Katoomba. On a personal level, this was an incredible experience. The thrill of being in the presence of His Holiness, of sharing a stage with him and being blessed by him was humbling and heart-tingling. I was also delighted to interpret for Jenny Kee, one of my design idols, who was MCing the event. Professionally and technically though, this was one hard gig! It was freezing cold (Bek Cramp and I were literally shivering on our boots), there were high winds, we were on a stage in the back of a truck, there were protestors chanting loudly over the fence with megaphones and the acoustics were challenging. His Holiness also has a delightfully casual style, which involves code switching between English and Tibetan without warning. Nothing like an interpreting challenge on a Monday morning! Bek and I worked with the conditions we were presented with and used every tool we had to manage the situation. It was an honour to be part of such solid teamwork and to represent Auslan Stage Left at this special event.


 Thursday June 11th

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama: Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland

Southbank, Queensland.

Interpreters: Maree Madden and Peter Bonser



The Epic

The Blue Room Theatre, Perth.

Interpreter: Christy Filipich

Read our exclusive behind the signs interview with interpreter Christy by clicking here.


Friday June 12th

HIs Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama: The Wisdom of Compassion

Brisbane Riverstage, Queensland.

Interpreters: Maree Madden and Michelle Stark


Friday June 19th

Campfire Program: Leempeeyt Weeyn’

Federation Square, Melbourne.

Interpreters: Marc Ethan and Lyn Gordon


Saturday June 20th

North by Northwest

Arts Centre, Melbourne.

Interpreters: Marc Ethan and Sarah Sudweeks

Language consultant: James Blyth

Interpreters and language consultant with the cast of North by Northwest.


Sunday June 21st

The Lion King

The Regent Theatre, Melbourne

Interpreters: Susan Emerson and Daniel Hately

Language consultant: Medina Sumovic






Saturday June 27th

Grey’s Lobotomy

Kaleide Theatre at RMIT, Melbourne

Interpreters: Marc Ethan and Melissa Martin


Monday June 29th

Mister Maker

Arts Centre, Melbourne.

Interpreter: Michelle Ashley



You can see what’s coming up next month by clicking here!  And remember, if you take any photos of yourself or our interpreters at one of our events, share it on our Facebook page!

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