August 2015

Behind the Scenes: Jayde Kirchert and ‘Nude’

By Ilana Gelbart in21.08.2015 in Interviews

Ilana from Auslan Stage Left spoke with director and writer Jayde Kitchert about her new show ‘Nude: Beneath the Beauty Spot’.  Nude is a one-woman show that puts a new spin on the stories and songs of the greatest sex star that ever lived: Marilyn…

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This Is Why Every Concert Stage Needs A Sign Language Interpreter

By Auslan Stage Left in18.08.2015 in Articles

This article was originally published by Adam Fleischer on MTV News. A leader in the field behind those viral Kendrick and Iggy videos tells MTV News, we need an inclusive experience for all. Recent viral videos capturing sign language interpreters onstage with huge acts like Kendrick Lamar…

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Fringe Interpreter Signs Shows for the Deaf

By Auslan Stage Left in13.08.2015 in Articles

This article was originally published on Evening Edinburgh News.   AS performers go, he’s now well and truly a Fringe regular – despite never speaking a word.   Paul Belmonte, 44, is now in his eighth year as a sign language interpreter at the event….

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Are Theater Sign Language Interpreters Acting?

By Auslan Stage Left in06.08.2015 in Articles

This article was first published by Cindy Gimbrone on Hands Up Theater.  Often, when ASL interpreters are out in the local community interpreting theater or concerts, non-signers believe that we are acting. Here is a good explanation of that from Chloe Veltman writing for Theatre Bay…

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