Behind the Scenes: Brisbane Interpreter Training

30.05.2015 in Articles

After amazing sessions in Sydney, Melbourne and even New Zealand, our Foundations of Theatre Interpreting workshop arrived in Brisbane!  This workshop covered basic principles important for interpreters to know before they step onstage for the first time.  A two-day workshop, lead by the dynamic partnering…

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Why should comedians use Auslan interpreters?

28.05.2015 in Articles

This year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) ran from the 25th of March to the 15th April 2015. Over those five weeks, Auslan Stage Left worked with over ten different comedians to provide access to a range of different shows, from stand up to sketch….

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Eurovision Song Contest will be signed for the first time

21.05.2015 in Articles

This article was originally published by Bethany Bell on BBC News. Delil Yilmaz and Alice Hu are among the performers translating the performances for a deaf audience Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Finland knocked out of Eurovision  Mixed reviews for UK Eurovision song  Germany Eurovision entrant…

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Welcome to Encore

19.05.2015 in Articles

Hello and welcome to the Auslan Stage Left blog — Encore! Auslan Stage Left is an organisation dedicated to enabling and providing quality Auslan interpreted theatre, and provide training to interpreters, deaf consultants and productions in the area of theatre interpreting. As such, we have…

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There’s No Show Business Like No Access

19.05.2015 in Articles

A couple of months ago, I was surrounded by mega posters in gold-plated wooden frames with well-known musicals in them.  Sitting across me were a couple of producers and team members from the production company.  I was invited as a deaf person to this meeting…


How should I interpret this?

17.05.2015 in Articles

“How should I interpret this in theatre?  The word is ‘baroque’, but it’s a play on ‘broke’: ‘If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it!’” I remember having a discussion about this with an interpreter who was working on the performance, ‘Beauty and the Beast’. This was…

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Sign Language in the Theater

15.05.2015 in Articles

This article was first published by Alison on Accredited Language Services. Sign language interpreting in the theater requires a mix of emotional expression and technical accuracy that is difficult for even the most skilled sign language professionals to achieve. From musicals on Broadway to Shakespeare…

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