Where’d I Park the TARDIS? The Pop-Culture Savvy Terp

By Auslan Stage Left in10.01.2016 in Articles

This article was originally posted by Kaitlyn Mielke on MRID.   Who Ya Gonna Call? To interpret effectively for Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers in the K-12 and postsecondary education systems, educational sign language interpreters should be savvy on popular culture issues and trends.Think of the…

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A Sign of Christmas

By Auslan Stage Left in03.01.2016 in Articles

This article was originally posted by K.I. White on Delaware State News.   FREDERICA — Angels delivered the first Christmas message.   Two millennia later, Bishop Peggy Johnson, of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, delivered her eighth sermon at Thursday’s annual Christmas Eve Candlelight and Communion Service at Barratt’s…

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New York Theatre Scene Embraces Deaf Actors

By Auslan Stage Left in20.11.2015 in Articles

This article was originally posted on BBC News. Spring Awakening has been revived on Broadway, but this time with a predominantly deaf cast. New York has seen a wave of productions bringing deaf actors to the fore, transforming both the theatre scene and the job…

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Signs of Shakespeare in ‘R+J: The Vineyard’

By Auslan Stage Left in28.10.2015 in Articles

This article was originally published by Aaron Sawyer on American Theatre. Chicago’s Red Theater is translating Shakespeare for its new show: They’re putting his verse into American Sign Language. The first time I saw sign language onstage, it filled me with anxiety. There was no way…

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What Makes an Interpreter Satisfactory or Acceptable?

By Auslan Stage Left in26.09.2015 in Articles

This article was originally published by Hilary Franklin on Deaf Echo. So, I recently had a couple conversations with a pretty cool person, Robin*, who is just really starting to really dive into the field of sign language interpreting. We  had some conversations about  expectations of interpreters, etc. Robin…

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