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Where’d I Park the TARDIS? The Pop-Culture Savvy Terp

By Auslan Stage Left in10.01.2016 in Articles

This article was originally posted by Kaitlyn Mielke on MRID.   Who Ya Gonna Call? To interpret effectively for Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers in the K-12 and postsecondary education systems, educational sign language interpreters should be savvy on popular culture issues and trends.Think of the…

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Ashley Davies: Hear hear for British Sign Language

By Auslan Stage Left in12.10.2015 in Articles

This article was originally published by Ashley Davies on The Scotsman. Making BSL a bigger part of Scottish life will benefit everyone, not just deaf people, writes Ashley Davies. One of the most engaging conversations I’ve ever witnessed took place between two eight-year-old boys who were…

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This Is Why Every Concert Stage Needs A Sign Language Interpreter

By Auslan Stage Left in18.08.2015 in Articles

This article was originally published by Adam Fleischer on MTV News. A leader in the field behind those viral Kendrick and Iggy videos tells MTV News, we need an inclusive experience for all. Recent viral videos capturing sign language interpreters onstage with huge acts like Kendrick Lamar…

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How Many Sign Language Interpreters Does It Take….

By Auslan Stage Left in20.07.2015 in Articles

This article was first published by Kaitlyn on The Creative Pensieve.  … to screw in a light bulb? (Or, ‘How to Explain Interpreting for the Theatre or Concerts in a Nutshell’). Imagine a stage where the spotlight has burned out. Someone needs to replace the light bulb in…

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Performer Interview: Todd McKenney

By Ilana Gelbart in01.07.2015 in Interviews

Ilana from Auslan Stage Left met with the critically acclaimed and award winning performer, actor and host Todd McKenney after his workshop with interpreters and deaf consultants at Auslan Stage Left’s Musical Theatre Training weekend.   Read on to see what Todd has to say about…

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Interpreter Midlife Crisis

By Auslan Stage Left in29.06.2015 in Articles

This article was originally published by Cyril Flerov on AIIC.net. Does a specific ”interpreter midlife crisis” exist? And if it does, what is it? How does our perception of ourselves and of our profession change over the course of a career and why? And is it for better…

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Behind the Scenes: Musical Theatre Training (Day Two)

By Auslan Stage Left in22.06.2015 in Articles

This weekend Auslan Stage Left took over the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne for their Musical Theatre Training. This was an intensive two day course for those who have already completed our Foundations of Theatre Interpreting course. The focus of this Musical Theatre Training was, as…

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